System Integration :
A. Boole Server :
Boole Server is a security platform designed to protect against unauthorized viewing, manipulation or distribution of confidential data.
It provides secure storage and access to data, with full auditing capabilities.
B. 7-CS :
SevenCs is a specialist software house that develops; chart display engines for ECDIS, WECDIS, tactical displays, portable pilot units and other maritime and nautical .
applications; digital maritime chart production and distribution software applications; and specialist professional maritime and nautical navigation software
C. Synchronous 1080P/4K video back control integration ( 5ms latency )
With private chipset and customize firmware, we can provide :

- Wireless VR/AR system
- FPV on Drones
- One to many split TV ( 1080P/4K)
- Wireless conference Meeting ( 1080P/4K)
D. Hospital In system  
With IoT design into Hospital, for dynamic SOS and alarm with different ward and emergency room, nurse and security can monitor by laptop, samrt phone, or smart watch, even the family member can find out the patient latest information by APP.  
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